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EEN For Crohns

Hello My name is Stephanie
I have Crohns Disease,
I am interested in using EEN as a form of treatment for my Crohns disease. I am also Diagnosised WIth Gastroparesis, and Have a J tube.
I was wondering if someone could tell me what sort of formulas you have used successfully for this? I have lactose intolerance, and am quite sensitive to dairy products. even the lactose free one, I tried boost, and ensure in the past felt really really sick. and I tried Kate farms, the inulin in it caused me to be sick.

Any advice? My dietitian is not very helpful and very know it all opinionated not listening to what I am telling her.

my little penguin

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Since you don’t have to “taste “ the formula
Vivonex ready to feed is amino acid based (no intact protein chains ) lactose isn’t an issue
Boost and ensure both have lactose
Semi elemental typically still have milk based such as peptamen or peptide

Ds drank neocate jr chocolate orally (amino acid based ) for a couple of years

good luck


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My daughter has gastroparesis and a J tube (and she has crohn’s, of course). She tried semi-elemental formulas - they are partially broken down to help with digestion/absorption. Examples of semi elemental formulas are peptamen, pediasure peptide. There are also elemental formulas which are even more broken down - into amino acids. Neocate and elecare are both elemental. So is vivonex (but that is for adults).

My daughter stared with peptamen but in her case it caused diarrhea and so she was given neocate splash which is elemental. She was on that for several years but recently switched to Vivonex since she is a young adult now.

There are definitely other formulas you can try. I’m going to tag @pdx because I think her daughter also had issues with inulin.

Also, we were told that the polymeric formulas like boost and ensure should not be given through a J tube - you need a more broken down formula since your tube is much further down in the GI tract and so a semi-elemental formula or an elemental formula is needed.
Yes, my daughter also couldn't use formulas with inulin. At the time, the one that gave her problems was Peptamen Jr 1.5, but looking at the ingredient list now, I don't see inulin in it any more. She ended up on regular Peptamen 1.5, but it sounds like you might be better with a fully elemental formula.