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EEN for perianal disease (but have ileostomy)

Hi everyone

I'm going to ask this question to everyone even though it's probably a stupid question to ask so here goes.
I have an end ileostomy the last 3 years with my large intestine still in place. I decided to keep my ileostomy as when I had a previous loop ileostomy I took no crohns meds and I was really well.
I have never had perianal abscess or fistula but over a year ago even though my large intestine is diverted I got an abscess in the perianal area. I was fine for two years with no crohns meds and over the last 7 months my disease has gone crazy. I am taking stelara every four weeks but I now have arthritis,erythema nodusum,lung pain, severe pain in my diverted colon and fissures/rash that continues to spread around my perianal region. I pass blood/mucus from my back passage most days even though there is no food passing through.
I don't how I was fine for two years with no meds and now my disease has exploded.
My stupid question is would a elemental/semi elemental liquid diet help even though the crohns is effecting the diverted colon?