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EEN for perianal fistula?

I'm considering trying EEN to help treat a perianal fistula. Does anyone have any experience of this or know if it could help? I've been able to find very little research on the subject.

My crohn's is colonic and perianal only, no small bowel involvement. My bowel is good at the moment though, the only real problem is the fistula. I've had perianal disease for ~4 years with a seton placed this past February. I'm on Pentasa, Azthioprine and Humira (weekly), but the fistula continues to drain.

I've not yet spoken to my gastro about this idea and will ask at my appointment next week, but wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge/experiences as I don't think it's a usual treatment.

Thanks in advance x
Thanks My little penguin. I had heard of the study - I'ts very promising that they could induce remission with 50/50 EEN and this diet. It looks like they specifically excluded people with active perianal disease from the research though.

I do think I would be prepared to try Exclusive EN (says she who has never tried it) if I thought it would help the fistula. I have only found one case series (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20579222) that suggests it might.

my little penguin

Staff member
Ds has been on it since April
Lots of rectal issue ( no fistulas though - rectal prolapse)
Due to Gastroparesis he was on 80/90 % formula
But now that they added more meds hope t get to 50/50

It did help his rectal stuff though
Thanks for the info. I hope he could get to 50% solid food. Not fun to be on EN so long. wishing him all the best x