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EEN liquid diet

my little penguin

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Let your Gi know .
Can you hear the sounds across the room?
Any pain in the area ??

my kiddo did een three times
Two times for 9 weeks and once for two weeks
Never heard any weird sounds
Did have bad breath from the pure liquid /sugar
Did have liquid stools but once a day (at dx ) not with later een plus meds

any obstructions ?
Just gurgling from Hunger ?
Depending on age your kiddo may need more shakes if it’s hunger -inflammation uses a lot of calories
At age 7 (50 lbs) Ds drank 8-9 peptamen jr a day
So a lot
Thanks for responding, are you on any particular diet right now? few weeks back was hospitalized with vomiting's and nausea and CT scan showed its partial small bowel obstruction after 5 days they did an MRI and it said no obstruction, no abscesses, no fistula. to reduce inflammation, he is on EEN, just the intermittent weird sounds, no pain anywhere, weight increase is good, normal bowel movement, daily twice he goes. we have to go for inflammation marker's test next week.

my little penguin

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if there is any pain or change let the Gi know ….

My child has crohns
He was dx at age 7 and now is 18
He currently takes Stelara/methotrexate for crohns and juvenile arthritis
He has been on biologics for 10 years no issues
He avoids red meat , seeds, raw veggies ,nuts /fish (allergic ) . He eat organic /low processed
How ever College soon will mean more processed stuff .
He drinks 2 carnation instant breakfast a day
He was on peptamen jr daily while growing and later neocate jr .
Now that he is mostly done growing we backed off those

he reached his predicted height at 5’11” so all good
Fecal cal is normal /bloodwork normal


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My kiddo did EEN but we didn't hear any weird sounds. But she was also hospitalized for a suspected obstruction with similar symptoms which turned out to be an ileus (no obstruction but her gut just stopped working). Her doctors said when that happens, they don't hear normal bowel sounds. By the end of her hospitalization, she was able to switch from TPN to EEN and her bowel had "woken up" and they were able to hear some bowel sounds. I wonder if you're hearing normal bowel sounds that are returning?
I'm glad to hear he isn't in pain and is having normal BMs - that's a good sign.