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EEN & School

Advice please ❤

Hello Everyone, yesterday our 10 year old son was officially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. The last three months are a bit of a blur with repeated doctor visits, fistula surgery, then scopes referral and now diagnosis.

DS is totally overwhelmed (as are we) though he has coped incredibly well until now. He is supposed to start EEN this Monday but is adamant that he won't go to school while he is on a liquid diet. He feels embarrassed and doesn't want his schoolmates to know that he has Crohns.

There is no way I will homeschool him for two months because he actually loves going to school and hanging out with his mates. I have already lined up a meeting with his super supportive principal and teacher to talk about coping strategies but I feel for my Bubba. There is a lot on his plate...

Have any of you experienced your kid's reluctance to going to school while on EEN and if so, how have you dealt with it? All tips are much appreciated.


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Steel water bottles
Hydroflask etc
They keep it cold
Ds was 7 when he did een at school
Two in the morning before school
Two at lunch (hence the water bottle )
One after school
Two at dinner
And one at bed time
At lunch he told kids he was on protein shakes to build muscles
After a day or two no one asked anymore
You can keep it in a lunch box or at the nurses fridge
Lunch box was fine since no one saw it
We also had cards laminated so he could sit by the door and leave for the bathroom without asking
Green with his name meant he was in the bathroom
And yellow he was at the nurse
This way no one knew
Ask about dum dum lollipops

Since they are pure sugar most Gi will permit them
Crushed ice with table sugar on it
Crystallized sugar and cotton candy you make from dum dums are typically nice to have
Frozen shakes are good for chewing but fine count towards days calories
Some kids like smell plates
Plates of food you can smell but not eat
Others like to lick a potato chip but not eat it
Look up ccfa comic book Pete has crohns
That can help him deal and what creative things to say


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Maybe showing this video helps to get over any hesitations. I can only speak for Europe, but I have been using EN for years and bring it along with me everywhere, people inquiring about it has been very rare, since it just looks like a protein shake to people.

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