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Effectiveness of restarting Humira

Has anyone had experience with stopping Humira and going back on it later? I'm not convinced Humira is working for me (I think improvement can be attributed to diet and not the drug but my doctor would disagree), but my doctor has said they don't recommend stopping Humira because if you later want back on it, it's not as affective. Does anyone have experience with this or heard something similar? Just curious if this is accurate. Thanks!

my little penguin

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Ds has been on humira for 5 years
He stopped it once for a few weeks and had to increase dosing to every week instead
He recently had to stop due to surgery for something other than Crohns
He was off humira for only 8 weeks
So far after restarting despite taking it every 5 days
It still hasn't started working again
It's been over 7 weeks back in humira

So I would be extremely hesitant to stop the med
I would not recommend going off. Are you doing it biweekly or weekly? If it is biweekly talk to your doctor. Maybe he would recommend weekly or switching to another biologic.