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So I dont think I can eat eggs anymore.:( After my resection back in November I would eat eggs pretty much every morning for a month and my big D wasnt getting any better. I was starting stopping new/old meds and my body readjusting and so forth so I didn't think of the D being food related at that time. Well I went a week with doing cereal and ego's for breakfast and guess what no D! So I have been trying it every once in awhile and the D comes right back a few hours after eating it.

This is no fun because I love egg sandwiches and it gives me much need protein for the day. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know of anything I could do to handle eggs better?
how are you cooking them? I find that cooking methods sometimes make the problem and not the actual food item.

Have you tried poached or hardboiled to see if it makes a difference from using a frying pan?


I read in "Eating right for bad gut" (or whatever it's called) that eggs can be a trigger for some CD patients.

I am currently only eating egg whites on my doc's recommendation. I do miss my sunny side ups, but I have gotten used to omelets. The whites alone have a decent amount of protein.

- Amy
I really like that book. It is at the core of how I changed my diet to help mange my Crohn's.

I make omelets in a nonstick with only 1 tsp olive oil for a 4 egg omelet. And I have to eat bread with any egg. Always have or it upsets my stomach. My mom is still after me to have a food allergy test done and that is one of the suspect food. I will eat them over easy but that way speeds up my gut a bit. Poached with Hollandaise is nice but I never have the time to do that except on special occasions.
I do love "eating right for a bad gut" that book should be given to every crohns patient. I most have missed the egg part or chose to forget it. But I will probably still continue to eat eggs here and there on my days off so it isnt that big of a deal. Well it still does suck a bit, maybe I will give the egg whites a try.
Is it okay to eat eggs that aren't cooked all the way through while on medication (ie Humira) that suppresses the immune system? I love eggs over easy.

I've never had a poached egg. Are those runny in the middle as well?
This is interesting because I am still figuring out what I can and can't eat and had some simple egg salad for dinner (hard-boiled obviously) and I am doubled over in pain right now.

Ugh. So uncomfortable.

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I love eggs too, but my last flare was from eggs, they are so gassy and I tried the substitutes too and they turned me off eggs all together. If I can't have something they way I like it, I dont eat it. Since my 2nd resection, I can't eat them either.


Anything fried is a no no for me, including fried eggs
but I'm ok with boiled, poached and scrambled eggs

Hi Marisa
hope you are doing ok?
Poached eggs are lovely and soft in the middle to dip your soldiers in!
Just fill the frying pan with hot water and crack the egg into it, and the water just boils it, yum yum
Thanks, Joan. :) Eggs don't seem to bother me at all. I just wasn't sure if Crohnies on immune suppressors were allowed to eat eggs that weren't fully cooked through because of the potential for food bourne illness.
dreamintwilight said:
Thanks, Joan. :) Eggs don't seem to bother me at all. I just wasn't sure if Crohnies on immune suppressors were allowed to eat eggs that weren't fully cooked through because of the potential for food bourne illness.
food borne illness would be Salmonella no? Thats gonna be a nasty problem for anyone, Immune suppression or not :hallo2:
Yeah, Kenny. I was thinking Salmonella. But, I wonder if there are other bacteria found in uncooked meat that normal, healthy people are able to naturally fight off. So, someone with a suppressed immune system may not? I don't know.
One raw free range egg every morning mixed with wheat-free organic naturally fermented soy sauce (need the soy sauce to make it palatable).

I eat eggs with a raw yolk as long as the white is fully set. I prefer poached but I can eat fried/scrambled/boiled eggs, too. I would never eat eggs that didn't have set whites - I heard that's where the most likely chance of foodborne illness is... Is it true? Can't say, but I've been able to eat eggs this way with no troubles.