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Elated to learn I have an IBD.

My very first symptom (at 25 years old) was a growling belly that I couldn't explain to anyone "was just different than usual" and extremely loud - a sign that I take as warning these days.
Second symptom was (in an airport lounge before a long haul flight) passing a half a cup of blood while shopping - the most frightening experience of my life!
Got checked out by an American doctor who found nothing but told me to eat more fibre anyway.
Back in the UK it took a couple of months but I started feeling crampy when I ate. I went to a GP who said it was IBS and gave me drugs to treat it but I didn't believe it and just knew it was more serious but she didn't believe me because what do patients know, hey?
I got desperate and went to a nutritionist who believed I had candida albicans (who doesn't?). She reckoned my intestinal flora was overgrown with yeast and put me on a super strict diet - no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no fungus (mushrooms), no yeast diet for six months. This helped immensly and I was 85% better until the bleeding diarhhoea started and the stabbing pains and I was eating one meal a day to avoid the pain nevermind the headaches and the fact that I had lost 2 stone in a few months putting me quite underweight and pallid looking. I did see the GP again but she still thought nothing of it all because the blood tests didn't tell her anything.
Back to the GP in December I begged to referred to a specialist (after a year of suffering, mind you) and finally was after much hesitation. Two months, I had to wait to get in. In the meantime, I was bleeding regularly without solids stools to speak of and my parents (in the States) had me on a flight to see them within a week.
Got in to see a specialist straight away for a colonoscopy and after three hours they were able to tell me they suspected Crohn's but it was colitis. (3 hours vs. 1 year.) I was elated to learn exactly what it was! I didn't even care that I had chronic digestive disease. I could finally focus on living and college again.


Hi Anyalee! Thanks for sharing your story! You sure have gone through a lot! I'm glad that you got the bittersweet news that you have Colitis...atleast you know what is troubling you (but unfortunately both Crohn's and Colitis are "tricky" diseases). Best of luck to you and see you around the boards!

Tami Lynn

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Good to have you here Anyalee!

Glad to hear you finally got an official diagnosis! It sounds like things are fairly well under control for you. It's always nice to learn that we really aren't "crazy" and it's not all in our head, isn't it? LOL

Oh, and one more thing.... thank God for resucing parents! My parents rescued me from NY when I was dreadfully sick (pale, very thin, couldn't get off the couch, very weak....). They had just moved to Alabama and I was living alone in NY with two little babies, trying to go to college full-time and also trying to deal with a harassing ex-husband!

My parents came and got (resuced) me and my girls and brought us back to Alabama with them and I will forever be greatful to them for it!


Welcome to the forum! I am glad that you have finally have been diagnosed after all that suffering. How are things now? Is the treatment you are currenlty on (if any) working?


WELCOME ABOARD Anyalee ... Make yourself right home here & I am sure that the other members will tell you the same thing. You have found a wonderful site & I am sure that you will find plenty of comfort here & all of us will make you feel welcome !! I however am not the one with CD my husband is ... and so I have met a lot of wonderful folks here that have helped me out and I have shared plenty of good things with them in return so have fun & jump into the games & have fun !! :)


Hey Anyalee,

At LAST! Someone from MY neck of the woods! Ok, I'm up in Scotland, but it's still Britain, right??!

So how you doing now pal? Are things working ok, how's college going etc? Where abouts in England are you?

Keep in touch with all of us on the forum - a lot of special people on here, we've all got stories to tell, good ears for listening, ans there's a few comedians who should be on stage - I'm one of 'em, but I'd be SWEEPING the stage!

Take it easy, you know where we are



Hey analee along with everyone else i welcome you to the site and all the best hun



Hi thanks for sharing your story, it's always nice to meet a fellow colitis-er lol :) It was a fair while before I got my diagnosis too, being told I had IBS when I was pouring out blood every day. It's no fun is it?


Hi Anyalee, its been nice to meet you, and thanks for sharing so much about yourself with me... youve been a great help already! lol, and Im sure I will be picking your brain, and asking for even more advice very soon...