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Electrolyte Tablets

Hi all

I went to see my GP today and we discussed whether Electrolyte tablets would be appropriate. My Dietician has suggested that I have Isotonic drinks to provide some back-up for when I'm feeling sick wnd can't eat properly. I've been regularly drink Lucozade Sport and I feel much better for it. The only problem is these contain a lot of sugar. My GP is keen that I stop drinking them due to the high sugar content and only treat the symptoms of Electrolyte loss when they appear.

Does anyone have any experience of Electrolyte tablets with an ileostomy? (I have also lost small bowel due to a failed ileo-anal pouch)

What sort of dose should I think about taking?

Thanks everyone.


Staff member
Hello Tommy
I don't have the experience you mention but I have needed electrolyte replacement from time to time and used the powdered Gatorade...I do not have any ostomies though.
It is very understandable and quick thinking by your doctor to be vigilant about excess sugar intake which brings its own problems...you don't want that.
If the tablets contain balanced salts for solution in water that might be a good alternative for you to adopt.
Presumably your doc will be checking your electrolyte balance at regular intervals through blood work.
Feel better soon