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Elemental 028 without insurance



Are there any Crohns patients in the United States who happen to know how much Elemental 028 costs without medical insurance? I've only seen one website selling the stuff, but I'm not sure its listed prices are representative of actual market prices.


ele mental leprechaun
Hey BPS,

Welcome to the forum.

Truly hope someone comes up with an answer for you in the States as it seems its not heard of/used much there. In comparison many GI's use it here in the UK.

Keep us posted on how you are doing and what happens with the Elemental.

Welcome again!
hey BPS
this is the elemental drinks that i know of. Nestle distributes them.
maybe they are similar to elemental 028 and would be easier to get a hold of since its a US company?

theres the site. i bought a box of Peptamen from a distributer in my area once to supplement my diet and i think it was about $100 for the box....of maybe 20 cartons?
im really not positive about that. ill see if my mom or dad remembers and come back and post
i hope that helps