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Elemental 028

Hi folks.

I have been in remission since 2010, elemental 028 fixed me then, but my memory is lost about most of the time on it. now my dudoneum is back active with crohns, could not work my job so easy right now.

Starting an elemental 028 8 week course soon.

Does anyone know.
How long it takes to work.
Success rate second time in adults, It will be stuck too.
And if you can work a full 8 hour shift six days a week on it ?

I appreciate any answers from anyone who has entered remission and managed to return to work from good effects of it.

my little penguin

Staff member
Een (exclusive enteral nutrition-formula only ) is used a lot in kids and has been studied alot
Any formula can be used
Polymeric -boost ,ensure
Semi elemental-peptamen, peptide , modulen

neocate e028 was a changed to neocate splash

my kiddo was dx at age 7 (now 17) has used een multiple times instead of steroids
First time had the best success rate
After that -so so

for him
He drank 2 shakes at breakfast ( peptamen jr or neocate jr )
2 for lunch
1 for snack
2 for dinner
And one before bed
So very doable for an adult
He added one to two more if he was still hungry

it doesn’t matter if it’s polymeric/semi elemental or elemental but must be complete nutrition
Not a supplemental nutrition shake
And must be for adult nutrition
E028 splash or neocate splash is for the under 13 crowd so probably not meeting nutritional needs
Your GI can tell you calories needed
For kids it’s done for 6-8 weeks while waiting for maintenance meds to kick in
Hmm interesting you say the first time worked best, then next so so.

I wonder what makes them not so effective second time as they are not drugs as such.

my little penguin

Staff member
That s just the studies published
Mostly on kids since few adults complete the entire 6-8 weeks needed
Once inflammation starts cycling it’s harder to control the second third etc..time with steriods or een

for my kid he was 7 at dx so he didn’t know he had any choice at the time
Later a s a teen much harder to convince
I failed on elemental 028 this time, eat no food for 7 weeks and also added prednisolene.

I can vouch for it though as it got me out of a severe flair ten years ago.

Onto infleximab or something next, chasing the remission.