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Elemental and LOFFLEX

I was on an elemental diet for about 2 years. I got my food very slowly through a nasal gastric tube. I was very malnourished before I started. I gained all the weight I had lost since diagnosis (and some extra ;))

However it really didn't help my Crohn's. I was healthier in a sense because my body was getting the nutrients it needed, but my disease had continued to worsen while on the diet.


ele mental leprechaun
Hey Mazen,

How are you doing? The article you have posted is from the website set up by the gastro teams at the hospital I go to.

They are the ones along with about 3 other centres in the UK that did the research behind it and also came up with the LOFFLEX diet.

I have been on both and am just back onto my elemental today totally again. The LOFFLEX is used by the gastro teams just after using elemental for a period of time OR instead of elemental if patients cannot tolerate it. They find it works well on the food elimination aspects to help Crohns.

My gastro consultant told me when I was diagnosed that approx 80% of patients go into remission with elemental but each individual varies as to how long it lasts.

Personally I feel great when on it - the problem is when I start to eat again! My asthma cons said if he had his way from an allergy perspective with me I would be on elemental for the rest of my life! I told him to drink the stuff and I would follow suit as long as he did it lol

Anyway, I really appreciate you putting the page up for everyone to see. I think its a reasonable option on the nutrition side.

Thanks again.