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Elemental Diet - have they changed it ?

Hi - I first had elemental in 2005 and I "tested" all the flavours in powder and carton form and although they were all pretty gross I found that the summer fruits cartons if chilled enough were tolerable.

However my latest batch seem to taste worse - they are making me heave when i drink them.

Have they changed the recipe or is it just that being in a flare up makes them taste different ?


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I once noticed that a certain batch of the orange and pinapple ones tasted AWFULL!! And ones before and after that were fine. So it could be that.
Or: I used to HATE the grapefruit one and remember trying it in 2005 also then i tried it again last year and quite liked it! lol! So dunno really! :)


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yep I got a bad batch of the orange and pineapple too on more than one occasion and agree about the grapefruit vicky!! Retried the grapefruit and its still a no go. I dont know if its the water they use for the cartons or something to do with the elements in it or the storage that make it taste different but there are some horrible versions at times!

I have been back on elemental a week now and am sticking to powdered orange and powdered citrus at the mo. I also like lemon and lime but they are difficult to get hold of as my GP doesnt have the facility to prescribe them and the supplier kicks up about my current flavours. Last week they sent 2 instead of 20 again grrr.

Had big problems with nausea last week and had to leave work for that and other reasons. Just couldnt cope - ended up at the GP and he changed my antisickness med which helped.

I find too if the water isnt really really cold to mix the drink and it ends up round room temp it adds to the nausea. Having said that I have a work mate who can only drink them at room temp! YUCKO

Anyone having problems getting hold of their elemental? I ended up doing 30 miles in total and 3 trips to a local Tesco on one occasion. Keep ending up with wrong numbers. One pharmacist told me I should be thankful for what I got once - received 8 cartons and 12 sachets instead of 81 cartons and 60 sachets. Work that out!

Fruitloop have you tried freezing them? The gastro nurses on the ward I was in last summer suggested it and I never got round to trying it as I dont have the cartons at the mo. Apparently they turn out just like a sorbet... Just thought I might throw that one out there.

Hope you are both doing ok.
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I have frozen them before and they hurt my teeth !!

I am just sort of necking them really fast at the moment but the aftertaste is disgusting !!

My consultant was saying that there are a huge number of people on elemental who cannot follow it 100% purely due to the taste.

He said a nasal tube helps as you do not "taste" it but that's no such a good look is it !!