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Elemental here I come again!


ele mental leprechaun
Hey folks,

Well here I sit longing for my bed even though its 11am. Was up until 2am running to the loo yet again.

The only time my stomach and the rest of my gut doesnt complain is either when I dont eat or just have my elemental drinks.

Have been on Augmentin/Co-amoxiclav since last thursday and had thurs, fri and sat off work to try and get on top of things. The antibiotics are half the usual dose I normally have as I had to see a GP outside my own practice last thursday and of course he didnt know me from adam.

Stomach feels incredibly tender and then the rest just constantly gurgles and rumbles until I have to dash again.

I think its just all the stress we have had since the Autumn to be honest. My remicade/infliximab is due next Tuesday.

Just so damn exhausted and drained.

So I guess the answer is elemental full time for a while. Have been trying to cope by eating just a little dinner and breakfast with one or two drinks of elemental a day but it just isnt working and neither are the ab's - sigh.

I did promise my gastro I would do a month straight off if I flared and I have yet to do that...

Seems I am gonna have to start now eh?

I initially intended this post to be about generally restarting my elemental drinks again and its turned into a whinging session!! grrrr

Anyway, will toddle off back to bed..

Hope you are all doing ok.
I'm sorry you are having a rough go Jan!!! I'm not sure what dose of Remi you are on, but I recently increased mine from 5 to 7.5 and I couldn't believe what a difference it made. I waited and waited because of course, I don't want to expose myself to more meds than necessary, but it has made me realize how crappy I have been feeling for quite some time. I usually drag butt for about two weeks before my Remi. I had so much energy before my Remi this time even my husband was asking me what was up!! I just didn't experience the "dip" in my energy and symptoms that I normally do.

I hope the Elemental and the antibiotics will do the trick for you - hopefully you can get some rest to boot!!

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Don't ya just hate that.. I call this the "slip-out-the-rug-from-underneath-you", syndrome. You have been through alot Jan, with Duncan and all, and working. I see alot of people starting to flare a week or so before their Remicade or Humira shots, can't they move it up a week or so? Hang in their Jan, you are the strongest person I know, especially with Crohn's. Hugs!


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Sorry Soup....Augmentin is so hard on the gut already, I hope when you are finished with it you see some improvement. I hope you feel better soon.
I literally cry at the hospital if anyone even so much as suggests it. But then again, I've never found it to really help me.

I'm sure you'll have much better luck even though it sucks for a while. I hope you feel better soon!
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good - atleast if the Elemental doesn't upset you, you might start feeling a little bit better! I certainly wouldn't say no to doing the Elemental/Modulen again if I were in the same position. Take care. :)
Sorry to hear you arent doing too well hun, hope that elemental diet brings you back and you can get off those antibiotics too, aw it sucks when you feel everything has gone amazing then you get brought back down to earth with a huge bump, i really feel for you just now, i am feeling much the same....hope you improve really quickly,

((joining in on a big group hug)))


ele mental leprechaun
Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts it means alot!

Peaches can increase my remi at the mo as I am on quite a hulking dose now with being overweight due to all the steroids I have had!! grrrr. So have to sit tight on that one. Gastro cons last time I saw him talked about increasing the frequency to every 4 wks instead of current 6wks but he said it would put me at greater risk of reaction and he wants to try and avoid that if possible! Am due to see him in May I think - sooner if I need to. Will see how things go currently. Thanks for the idea though.

Went to work last night and spent most of it either doubled over in pain or in the loo causing a stink!! LOL

Saw a GP this morning in my own practice and she has doubled the strength of Augmentin antibiotic I am on and to stay on it for another week. Also wants me to start Pred at 40mg for a week. Says I am not fit to work and has signed me off for a week telling me if I am not well enough at the end of it I must go back to her and have longer off.

My peak flow for my asthma is still in the low 400's and should be up round 610-630 so not good despite a week of ab's.

Also my gut isnt improving yet. So she thinks a blast of pred and the higher Augmentin with rest will help.

Emailed my gastro nurse yesterday and she has said if I am no better by the time I go for my remi on Tuesday next week I am to flag it up to the nurses and be reviewed by a gastro doc before my infusion.

Still plugging away at my elemental. The first 4-5 days are the worst when on it solely. Have phoned work and the boss isnt happy but he agrees I need to sort things out.

Will keep you all posted...

Thanks again everyone.
sorry to hear all this Jan :( i hope you can find a way to settle things... did you ever look into taking LDN? phone me if you fancy a chat xxx
Oh Soup you poor thing. Sometimes it's just all PANTS isnt it?

I am thinking of you and I really hope you get much better soon.

xxx Big Stinky Cuddles xxx

Lishyloo x