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Elevated liver enzymes on Remicade

This is my go to place when we hit a bump in the road, so here we go again! My 11 year old son just had his 7th Remicade infusion. He also takes Methotrexate once a week by mouth. They drew his blood at his last appointment a few days ago and called yesterday to say that his ALT (liver enzymes) were elevated at a 47. Last time they were at 24. The normal range is 5-35. He is going to have him repeat labs in 2 weeks to check again. Has anyone else had this? Would this possibly mean that we would have to stop Remicade?


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Generally, when they're a little elevated, they re-check.

When they get REALLY elevated, 3x the upper limit, that's when you often have to stop a medication.

Methotrexate can often cause elevated liver enzymes - it is tough on the liver. I'd blame that, not the Remicade.

But since they're only a bit elevated, I think you'll be fine. My kiddo has had high enzymes that have gone right back to normal.

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Has he had any antibiotics or Tylenol recently ?
Both can cause liver enzymes to elevate
Especially abx

Ditto the really high(3x the upper limit )
Cause a fast call and do not take the med

Otherwise Ds has little blips of higher lft
Most of the time abx were to blame
This is why I love this forum. I am so thankful to have other parents who are familiar with this disease and treatments to go to when I am anxious or have questions. Thank you so very much for your replies! He hasn't had antibiotics lately, but has had Tylenol, so here's to hoping it goes down and we can keep with the Remicade/Methotrexate mix that has brought him so much relief!