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Elimination diet advice

Hi All,

Quick background: Diagnosed with UC in my sigmoid colon in 2009 and struggled with flare-ups every month. Finally broke down in September 2012 and gave Prednisone a try (have used it in the past for my asthma and have hated the side effects) which gave me my longest remission of 6 months. But like a fool I got a little too excited and thought I was "cured" so I went a little crazy with what I allowed myself to eat. :ybatty: As of Easter 2013 I have been in a flare-up since. I now realize that certain foods should always be a no-no even if I'm not in an active flare because they make me go out of remission, even though my GI says foods don't cause UC to flare up. I know, crazy right? I'm looking into finding a new GI who actually knows a thing or two about UC.

So I've been wanting to try an elimination diet for years but am a married physical therapy grad student and am worried about time commitments and having to make separate "normal" meals for my husband who does not have IBD. I have time to devote to the diet this summer because I'll have my clinicals rather than studying for exams every second of my life.

I'd be very appreciative for any advice on how to go about an elimination diet, success stories, pitfalls, things to avoid, etc. Also, if I continue to make normal foods for my husband, will it be too tempting to eat the normal food? I have a weakness for chocolate, pasta, cheese, peanut butter, and pretty much anything else that my colon hates so should I just let him fend for himself to avoid the temptations lol?

Thanks so much in advance! :)
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this is something I'm struggling with myself. I realized that I will now have to make two separate meals, one for my husband and one for myself that does not include any of the myriad of things which I must avoid during a flare. Your weakness list matches my own, and I usually do fairly well with avoiding the things I should not eat, but when I fail, I fail BIG time. Then I pay for it. Honestly the thing I struggle with the most when eliminating foods is maintaining my weight by taking in enough calories. It makes it more difficult that I have to exercise daily because I have back problems, the result being I have to take in even more calories to maintain weight.

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Hi I am currently on Dr. Jean Seignalet diet. Easy to find basic principles on the net and so his book (in french- not sure if there is a english translation).

I am currently reading a book on diet and IBD by a UK gastroenterologist, professor John Hunter. The general principles can also be found on the net and so his book.

the 2 diets are pretty similar, for instance, gluten free, milk free, corn free, etc...

unfortunately both of these doctors did not find positive results with UC. CD responds very well to diet treatment but not UC.

I am a case in between UC and CD, so I am trying it anyway. I think anyone with UC should try it too even if positive results have not been found yet with nutrition. Every case of IBD is just so different and research on the suject so precarious.

all the best!