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Emergency Kit


Does anyone else here carry an “emergency” kit with them?

I take one everywhere – and I mean everywhere.

I don’t need it very often; especially since my UC has improved.

But it has become almost like a security blanket safely net to me and I feel anxious if I accidentally leave it behind.

I keep mine in a cos wet pack and carry it in my handbag, it consists of:

* One spare pair of knickers / underwear

* Incontinence pads / pants

* Wet wipes

The wet wipes are particularly handy because so many public toilets have run out of toilet paper.

I was using those original wet ones designed for picnics and babies but I was having terrible reactions and rashes from them. The chemicals and perfume used in them were giving me dermatitis.

And dermatitis rashes “down there” are most uncomfortable! :)

Since then I have found the most excellent brand which is free from nasties like sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics and artificial fragrances.

I include the information here just-in-case it helps anyone else:


They are called natural organic biodegradable (baby) wipes, and the brand is called wotnot

I originally brought the plastic carry travel case container with wipes for $4.95. But now I use re-use the case and buy the refills packets instead at $2.95. This product has honestly changed my UC life for the better.

Hope this helps?
I forgot to add I also have small plastic bags with me. The ones you get in the grocery section to put fruit and veggies in. After all if you do soil in public you can hardly throw the pad in the bin, as is. Too disgusting for the poor cleaner. Makes for better disposing or if you cannot find a bin you can carry it home with you.