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"Emergency" Prep Help Requested!


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Hi Everyone:

It's the girl who apparently can't get prepped for a c-scope here, begging for assistance once again.

I've been on clear fluids since Monday (with the exception of a bowl of gnocchi pasta on Monday). Tuesday, I did Pico Salax. Tonight, I'm doing Golightly. I have only 3 cups left.

My intestines are not ready for the balloon-assisted c-scope.

Can you believe it????

It's 4 a.m. here. I leave for the hospital at 8 a.m.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to get fully prepped? The prep was beyond poor last time, and with the balloon procedure I need to be especially clear.

I'll stand on my head if you think it will help.

I think the nearby pharmacy might be open, if there are over the counter products that I can try (note that the drug counter is closed so I'm limited to the very basics). The pharmacist I spoke with on Monday was concerned that I might get too dehydrated by over-prepping, but I am not very dehydrated right now at all (my weight hasn't budged, for example).

Thanks again!

Good grief, I hope this works out.


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How can you tell you are not ready? Are you still having solid BMs?.....

Miralax is over the counter, that is a prep.....just remember, if there is loose material, they can suction some out!


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Hiya: Thankfully not solid, but still similar to last time (and not the least bit clear), when the intestines were, erm, rife with solids. Have had some measure of progress since my original post, thankfully! Am very hopeful that they'll be able to proceed.

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Hey Kelly you are worried I can tell. As long as there are no bits you are ok. I would do a fleet enema if you are worried, they did that to me prior to a sigmoid in the hospital, I think they did two, hold it in as long as you can. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
You can also buy the magnesium citrate saline with a lot of water it might help. I hope the test goes well for you.
I had the double balloon procedure in March and it showed a lot. I was in a pain though and even moved and woke up a bit during the procedure when they went throught the area from all my surgeries even under the proferol. They were in schock.


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My goodness Kelly, I hope it goes okay. You poor thing, having to do the double prep and still not cleaned out! (I'm the total opposite - I did 1/2 prep a few weeks ago and it cleaned me out to the point of severe dehydration!) You say your intestines are "loopy and floppy", I wonder if that's impeding the prep from working? Hopefully they can make the scope work, and like Pen said maybe they can do an enema at the hospital. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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Thanks so much for help & well wishes!!!! Procedure was able to be completed. Can you believe, all that double prepping, not being cleaned out... and then the procedure was up in the air not because of the poor prep but because Pred has caused my blood pressure to skyrocket. Wowza, what a strange couple of days. Am sure all will be well soon enough. :)


ooo Kelly!
so glad you didn't try the stick of dynamite I was gonna suggest!
fingers crossed now for your results
good luck