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Emotional Wreck

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me? I've had really crippling anxiety since my teens, interspersed with bouts of depression. I've always just about coped, and on the one occasion I built up the courage to see my GP about it, she referred me for CBT. This was way too big an ask at the time, I could barely leave the house and the thought of going to weekly appointments to discuss my 'failure' (I realise that's not the case but that's still my knee jerk reaction), was terrifying and overwhelming.

I've had the worst year of my life this year, seriously being diagnosed with severe Crohn's has been a walk in the park compared to the rest. Just before I was finally diagnosed I'd hit an all time low and I was convinced my life was completely falling apart. I didn't even truly believe I had a physical illness, I just thought the ridiculous stresses I was under in every aspect of my life was making me lose the plot. I was just a shell or a zombie, not really interacting with life at all just existing to go to work and worry.

Fast forward to the present....I feel so much better. The anxiety isn't gone but I can have the odd day without it now which is a big relief. I'm not sure how I was still managing to work before, now that I do get some respite. Recently I've been finding I'm very emotional? I cry at the slightest little thing, it's ridiculous. I've managed to keep it in check at work but elsewhere it's getting to be silly! It soon passes but I feel vaguely sad for ages afterwards without really knowing why?

Is this just me getting better and actually feeling things like normal people do or should I be worried? I have always been a bit repressed in that department with the old British stiff upper lip, but I'm struggling to rationalise what's going on with me? Is this a delayed reaction to the amount of stress I was under earlier in the year but was too poorly to process?

Thanks in advance
Hi. Sometimes, I can get emotional really easily. I don't have it backed by a doctor but think it is a chemical thing going on in my brain somehow related to the Crohn's Disease.
Hi, Sorry to hear about your issues. I have always had anxiety. During very anxious times it would hit my stomach right away. This was years before a diagnosis. I am completely convinced anxiety/depression have something to do with CD. If I am flaring the anxiety causes a vicious cycle. Please try to hang in there. The forum is great resource and there is a lot of support. Good luck.

Hello, I can relate to this too. I have always been a worrier and since diadnosed with crohns a few years ago it consumes my thoughts all the time. Very worried to start a biologic since I over react to everything medicine. Please know you are not alone and everyone on this forum seems great and supportive. I wish you well!!