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Employer and FMLA

Hello, my names Jonathan and I have been diagnosed with Chron's disease since 2007. I do pretty well with it by taking a lot of vitamins and prescription meds. I probably have two bigger flare ups a year and a several minor ones spread around. I am a mailman and my route is all walking so when my Chron's is flaring walking increases the pain dramatically.
I have taken sick time over the last year or so for my Chron's when they flare. I have also been written up because of taking sick leave and this one time due to calling in sick one month and two months later again (mind you only a day or two each time).
I was informed about FMLA through a co-worker and I had never known about it before so I decided to use it during my next flare-up which has been my longest/worst ever. I took off two days in a row and was good for the following 3 days. Than the 4th day I got hit hard and had to take off 4 days in a row followed by 3 scheduled days off.
I expected to return to work after that. I however was still in pain the day before returning to work and thus called in sick again. I followed-up with my Doctor whom had me stay home one more day. I returned to work and had slight increasing pain that day but worked through it. The following day the pain was worse but I got through half the day when I called the office and they called a substitute to come in and relieve me.
My boss messaged me the same day about the following day and my plan. I explained it would probably be best not to work. He wanted to have a discussion with me as if this was something I have control over. I told him I would try to be at work but was unsure how I'd be in the morning.
The morning arrived and once again I was in pain so I sent him a message explaining the pain and how it would not improve while at work. I also explained that this wasn't any different than an employee who broke his arm a while back and another you had a heart attack. All circumstances that no one could avoid.
I put all the leave through as FMLA and my Doctor filled out the proper paper and it has been mailed a couple of days ago.
I just feel as I am being mistreated because of a disease I have no control over. I don't know if there is further guidance or places I can go to make sure I'm covered against an employer who doesn't care. Thanks for any advice.

my little penguin

Staff member
Did you go to HR and fill the appropriate forms to who the company uses for their Fmla ?
Did you get approved for intermittent Fmla ?
Do you have a letter stating how much time you can take off each week -number of days and hours ?
Did you enter your Fmla hours each time into the website your company uses to manage Fmla ?
Some use a website /some require you call it in
Most require you use paid vacation time prior to using Fmla or concurrently-typical is 40 hours vacation time prior to Fmla hours starting
Some use Fmla as rollover meaning in any 12 month period you only get up to 12 weeks of Fmla hours

I have used it for many years to take care of my child with crohns . He was dx at age 7

Never had any issues in 10 years
Just filled out the form or website hired by the company to manage Fmla abd reported it to my direct boss with as much notice as I could give