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Employment while on 6MP and Methotrexate

Hi All,

Question for you all. How do you deal with Crohn's and having a job. I was diagnosed last year (while I was laid off of work). Well I found a new job this week but am not sure what to do. I started taking 6 MP but am thinking I might be developing pancreatitis due to the pain I am having. Next step according to the doctor would be Methotrexate which according to him is a shot in the arm. How can I justify to a boss that I need to take one morning off a week to go to my doctors office to get a needle in my arm. It wouldn't be so bad if my doctor was in town but I haven't found one here, so I keep mine which is an hour away. Any suggestions on what to do would be great. I don't want to give up this job since I finally found one after a year and a bit and it is something I love doing.


Hi Sunfire - I hope the metho works for you!

I suggest talking to the Human Resources manager (if there is one) to discuss your medical situation.

If not, you should probably just be honest with your boss. If they really want you for the job, they will accomodate your schedule. Remember that your health is your priority!!

Good luck! - Amy

PS Here in the US, we have FMLA, which allows for time off for medical leave. My employer has me on FMLA to cover my appts, which is great because I don't have to use my vacation time for doctor's visits, scopes, infusions, etc.

My Butt Hurts

I've seen videos of people injecting methotrexate themselves at home. Could you do it yourself? Or does your doc have Saturday hours? Could you get it done at urgent care maybe? It would be worth the copay just to save your sick days at work.
I haven't said anything to my boss but I just started and don't want to jinx myself with this. I am hoping that maybe the doctor could order a home nurse to come in and do it in the evenings since our benefits cover that.
Hey Sunfire, I grew up in Brantford, and they ended up sending me to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton (only a 1/2 hour away from Brantford). They are fantastic there (at least they have been to me). Where are you being treated? Can you possibly have the shot done very early in the morning, or very late in the day, so it won't have as much of an effect on your schedule? Do you have any leniency in your hours, where you could possibly start an hour or two later, and just work late in the day - or even work an hour hour extra every other day of the week to make up for any possible lost time?
I give myself the methotrexate shots at home. I even have it scheduled on Friday after work so that I can relax afterwords if I need to.

It's a simple shot and very easy to do.

Meanwhile, let's hope that the 6-mp works.


Hi sunfire

Be straight up and tell your boss that you're a Crohnie, then no surprises when you're off ill, and employers have duty of care to allow employees time off for medical reasons, if they discriminate you cos of illness, they are breaking employment law and could be in trouble
good luck with new job
I give myself metho shots at home also. I do mine on Tuesday afternoons. They mail me the drugs and I buy the syringes from the local drugstore. Easy.
Well 6 MP did not work. I just got out of the hospital today after being diagnosed with pancreatitis. The doctor when he mentioned Methotrexate said he didn't want me doing the shots myself at first that I should just have my family doctor do them but my family doctor is in Hamilton. Not sure where I am going to go from here.


Sorry to hear about the 6MP not working and the pancreatitis. I hope you start feeling better from that soon.

Work with your doc and see if you can come up with a good solution that works with your job schedule. Good luck - keep us posted.

- Amy


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New York, USA
Sorry to hear about the 6mp not working too.....I go for my remicade every 8 weeks - have to take off from work.....in the States I don't think the employer can discriminate due to illness - I do have sick time and use that for my appointments (mostly - unless I ahve a schedule change).....

Just this week I have had to take time off 2 times for short-notice dr appts for this danged rash/psoriasis I have.......thankfully my boss is good about that kind of thing......

Good luck!
I took the shot at home too for a while. Is it possible you could talk your Dr into letting a family member or a friend who has medical training to give you the shot? I was nervous at first when i had to do it, and had my friend who is a nurse also come and give it to me. Just a thought....
I would suggest being honest with your boss. Who knows, maybe he'll be sympathetic, maybe he knows someone close to him whos going through the exact same thing? It's better to tell him sooner rather than later. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that even the least likely of people can be reasonable. Being dishonest for fear of losing your job will only dig your hole deeper
Oh I am not being dishonest, I have told her at my job interview that I was diagnosed with Crohns last year. It is my own worry. I'm sure she will be more than understanding about it.