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Enbrel for Crohn's

Hello everyone!

I posted this in the wrong category before. Sorry, I'm new here.

I'm wondering if anyone out there is on Enbrel for Crohn's?

I used to be on Humira but my insurance stopped paying for it. However, in a massive example of stupidity, they would approve Enbrel.

I still don't understand.

Anyway, I have a 3-month supply of Enbrel currently. However, I don't see anything on Enbrel's website about its use in managing Crohn's disease.

I don't know if I need to do a "Starter Dose" (like with Humira, where one injects 4 times the first time, twice the second time, and then one time every other use) or just use it once a week. My doctor, when asked, shrugged and said "do what's on the box".

So, aside from needing a new doctor and new insurance, I'm looking around to see if anyone has any advice or stories about Enbrel and their experience with Crohn's?