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Encouraging tips from experienced patients !!!

Thrre is a lot of support on this forum. I have a history of fistulas. One of them, i had pastors lay hands on me and afterwards, they couldn't find it. I have been operated on numerous times. I had a resection eight years ago. My family was there at the hospital for me every time they could. My wife waited on me hand and foot while I recovered.
Faith is such a strong thing in our lives. I also believe that family's compasion and moral support plays a key role in the disease's management. Of course under the appropriate medical guidance. Your story is such encouraging:) wish you the best :)
Keep posting inspiring context :)
I would like to hear even more hopeful messages :)
Certainly without support from my Wife & Children (now adults) I don't think I'd be here now. Friends sometimes can be supportive, but not always & I've got used to that side of life.
The other thing I've done is I've stayed on a low fibre diet for the last 8 yrs & it appears to really help me. Of course I get tempted to eat the wrong foods but its just not worth it for me.
I'd also advocate straight talking with your Gastro Specialist, pussy footing around gets you nowhere & sometimes you end up being given treatment you don't want. You know your own body better than anyone else-never forget that.
Best Wishes