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End of Humira Cycle?

I have noticed that toward the end of the two weeks between injections that there is a back track of symptoms.

A few days ago I stated that my fistula was completley closed.

Well, the "interior" has opened again and is draining watery blood. There is pain again in the tract.

The pattern of two steps forward and one step back seems to hold throughout this ordeal.

The same thing happened when the exterior portion of the fistula healed. A series of closings and openings.

The telltale psoriasis returns on my face as well.

Anyone else experience the ebb and flow of Humira?
Hmm, maybe you need a combo therapy to compliment the Humira like Imuran or something, could also increase the frequency of your doses to weekly. I'm currently on 200mg of Imuran and weekly Humira shots to keep my monster at bay.
I agree with Katie. I had the ebb and flow of symptoms, but thought it was normal and ended up in the hospital with my partial obstruction. The doctor put me on weekly shots and I'm now on 75 mg of Imuran on top of that. I haven't had any flare-ups since starting both treatments *knock on wood* Definitely let your doc know. At the very least you can get weekly shots to see if that helps.
What would I do without you girls?

Thanks, I'll mention it to my doc.

Sometime I think it's me......you know, all the self doubt. Waiting for the other shoe to drop kinda thing.
I hear ya, Mike ;) I'm the same way. Not wanting to bother the GI's office with all my problems and worries. When I started Imuran I kept calling the nurse with all these questions and jokingly I said "Alright, I'll try to get through this next week without calling you." And she said "It's alright. Call if you need to. That's my job." I also try to remind myself that normalizing my problems is what landed me in the hospital in the first place with my abscess! ;)

Let us know how it works out for you!