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End of my remission...maybe ?

So I must first say sorry for not writing for a while. Everything has been pretty good for a couple o' years now after 35 crappy ones. Humira & azathioprine doing its thing. Couple of weeks ago I shifted how I was sitting and felt a shrp pain lower right abdomen. I pressed on it and the pain slowly dulled to a slight burning . Now all across my lower ab region is a fairly constant discomfort. The initial pain was the same that I had 18 months before my resection and my surgeon said the pain was a tear in my illium which eventually got an absess the size of a hot dog bun on it. Then today i got a form from my specialist based on my last bloodwork to get full ab/pelvic ultrasound along with more tests for reticulocyte count, thyroid suppressing hormone, folic and b12. Ive learned to not get too freaked until its time to freak. Guess im more dissapointed with my body than anything. But I do have an excellent team looking after me here in Calgary and I'll keep you all informed. No family close by so its great to chat on this forum..everyone is so nice here. cheers to all.


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Hi Simon
Lets hope it is not the end of remission.
It is good that you have a good team looking after you.
They are certainly on top form with all those blood tests they've ordered.
Hopefully everything will turn in your favour.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes


Hi Simon,

It's good to hear that your doc is so on top of things and hopefully this will mean that any potential hiccup will be quickly sorted. Please keep us updated on how you get on.