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Endless cylcle of steriods...

This holds many rants too...

You get back from the hospital you get put on steroids you taper down and your good and you go into remission. That is what you want to hear. That is not what it is always going to be.

What will happen is you get back home you get put on steroids and one of these will happens:

A)The steroids are working great for you... Few bad side effects... No abdominal pain.... Coming off of them is easy....
B) The steroids are working ok your you... You seem to have some slight feelings like your gonna have a flare but you don't... Very much so when your tapering down to a lower dosage....
C) The steroids are just barely holding the line but you are still trying to come off of them.
D) The steroids are doing nothing for you at their present dosage... Sorry buddy but your SOL go ask your doc...

If you fell into group(MR A now) and take your meds and exercise and eat whatever it is you can tolerate then I say 5 months of this and your in remission... If you are on REMICADE STAY ON IT... Remicade is not a drug you can come on and off of... Your body will develop antibodies against it if you start and stop it to many times.. So stay on it or DON'T EVER START taking remicade until you absolutely need it. Other than that keep taking your maintence meds (hopefully not Imuran, 6mp, entocort, remicade) All of those meds will give you problems further down the road when used long term guarantied.... But we all have your sacrifices we have to make so choose your poison well.. And start taking the antidote today because just maybe you might get lucky and develop an immunity...

Ok cya later you are in remission no more prednsione for you!

NEXT! Group B Your at the border line... Call your doctor and tell him to slow down the prednsione taper... You will be on them longer but chances are when your off of them you won't have to go back on them. This may mean not only longer time but slower increaments of predisone being lowered at a time... It just depends on you and what you have experinced with this in the past.... If you have no past experince tell the doctor to just taper you down on 5 mg dosages and see how slow you need things to go.... That means if you feel your kinda there on the edge of a flare tell the doctor to keep the prednsionse at its current state for AT LEAST 2 weeks... If you don't feel better by then your back up at step 1 cause your in the hospital... If you do feel better tell your doc to let you come off of it 5mg every 1 week or 2 weeks at a time... No sooner.... Slower is better too... I know prednsione sucks but having horibly gut wrneching pain and surgery are worse.... Also once you reach the 10 mg mark is where your gonna have problems... Your adrenal gland has stopped working and is going to need time to start back up.... Get your GI doc talking with an Endocrinologist and make sure you take it easy.... No heavy exercise... No lots of stress. Keep things as stable as possible.... If you do this then you willl eventually be off of the prednsione now follow the advice of Mr A up thier...

If your in group C (Thats the group I'm in don't you feel special) then you shouldn't even be out of the hospital.... You only leave the hospital when your inflmation is under control. WARNINIG Your insruance comapny now hates you so watch it! You may be in the hospital for almost a month.... or more.... I was in the hospital in mid July for 2 weeks released back home two weeks later I was in the hospital (Aug)... Stayed for a week... Got released for 2 days... Stayed another week... Got released 2 days later and thsi time they kept me 2 weeks...

All the time the scans said the inflamtion is looking good why is he hjaving these problems? The meds are at the right range waht is the matter? For me I had been on and off prednisone sense sept of last year... So when they tried to do the normal super high dosage control inflmation get you better and out the door sooner method didn't work... My body is way to sensestive to it now.... So for now I'm taking (just got lowered) 55 mg pred (30mg morn 25mg 12 hours later... I'm tapering down 5 mg every 2 weeks... I'll let you know in a few months if I can break the cycle... But until then WATCH OUT... You don't want to have to get on teh prednsione cycle like me... I have been on and off of of it for almost a year now (had surgery in march) and I will still be ever so slowly wingning off of it over the next half of a year...

I think I wrote this in some cohernt fashion... Maybe.... If I didn't let me know... Again I'm on Atavain and prednsione so I'm either manic, hyper, , hyper-drunk, drunk rannging from slightly intoxicated right now... To I can't walk wtihout following over drunk... Atavian is valium based so its the same affect as alchol....

Ok bye bye


I'm just roid raging just thinking about how much I hate predinsone by just reading this.

Very well done by the way.


Mama Crohnie
Make that three of us, I was on and off the drug for 15 plus years. Well written GNC, welcome I don't believe we have met. I'm Cookie, better known as Deb, I believe the longest sufferer in the forums. Great to hear your tapering off the Prednisone..like I've said many times before on this site, if you don't have to take the drug..don't. I after being off Prednisone for 17 yrs now, still suffer from long term side effects. Nasty and awful pill I say. Anyways, good luck and nice to meet you.


I'm not an older person, but I have been on prednisone for most of my life actually. I'm only 21, but I've had asthma since 6 months old, I didnt get daignosed with crohns until 17.

I think that if this could have been forseen that my PCP and allergist(which didnt help me at all) would have rethought using prednisone, considering I have been using it for atleast 15 years, thats saying I didnt start till 6, which I probably and most likely used it before then. I have JUST recently come back with a DEXA scan showing osteopenia, which is between normal and osteoperosis. thats the only negative i've really seen from prednisone.

I always see the positives, helping my asthma, helping my crohns immensly. A little recently I've noticed some mood swings but only the past few weeks and thats not bad for on and off 15 years now is it?


sometimes i get so tired, i`m seriously thinking about getting on these roids already. i just get so tired and it seems like i can never get my wind back