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Endoscopy and colonoscopy help biopsies

Morning. Had endoscopy + colonoscopy Wednesday. I was told bowel looked normal but they went on to take a total of 20 biopsies! 8 from endoscopy 12 from bowel. Is this excessive? I was under the influence it would be a couple of biopsies not that many! Also – bit worried it’s going to come back as ibs. I’ve been ill for over 10 years and the last year I lost 2 stone in a matter of weeks could barely eat crippled in pain never known anything like it. I get bloody mucus sometimes unreliable bowel movements. Whilst I’m pleased they didn’t see anything sinister (massive relief) I am concerned they will just diagnose ibs and I will be left to get on with it!! How many biopsies did you have? They suspected UC but clearly no signs on the day


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20 biopsies seems like a lot. I've usually had about 6 or 8 on most colonoscopies. But one thing I've found out over the years is to not worry about the biopsies before the pathology report comes back. You can't conclude much of anything from the fact that the doc took a lot (or only a few) biopsies. Perhaps your doc was just being very thorough in the search for what is causing your symptoms.


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Perhaps the appearances of some of the tissue areas were suspicious and the GI wanted to make sure of all the areas.
It does sound quite a lot but each biopsy is quite tiny.
I have never been told how many tissue samples were taken to achieve the diagnosis.
Crohn’s can be an elusive diagnosis.
Hoping for good results for you and that you will finally get results to clarify and diagnose
your problems.
Feel better soon

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I think you have a really good detective GI, really looking for answers on a first investigation! 20 biopsies would maybe mean 4 in rectum, 4 in left colon, 4 in transverse , 4 in right and 4 in terminal ilieum. IBD can come with skip lesions and sometimes very small patches. I once had a lesion of just about 5 cm isolated in my left colon. Seems quite logical to me to go for several biospsies in search for evidence of microscopic lesions sometimes not visible to the eye with the scope. Let us know what the results are. wishing you well.