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Endoscopy couldn't go into stomach, too narrow.

I had an upper endoscopy done yesterday cos I have been having problems swallowing, where pills, water, food sometimes get 'stuck' at bottom of my throat and It takes awhile for me to even get a sip of water pass it.

When my Dr. did the scope...He only got to the end of my esphoghas and couldnt even squeeze the scope into my bellow due to how narrow it was..Now I am geting a CT scan and MRI done to see whats going on.

Has anyone else had these symptoms, and what was it? I have had crohn's for over 20 years.
I will, thanks. Im surprised more people havent had this problem on this forum.. Maybe its not crohn's related, time will tell

Cross-stitch gal

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Have you thought of trying on our Chat room or Extra Intestinal Manifestations? Sometimes there are people on either of these that might have gone through this too...