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Enema help!

Hi I'm just looking for a bit of help/advise, I'm having my first flexible sigmoidoscopy on Thursday at 17.15 in the evening, I had a package sent to me with info of my appointment and a bottle of enema, but nothing to say when the best time to use it would be, it just says that i cant eat any thing after taking it, would morning time be best or the night before? any advise would be very helpful?
Depends on when your appointment is. My instructions always say use 1 hour before you have to leave your house for the appointment. I generally do 2 hours before I leave because I like to be sure everything's done before I start getting ready. So generally I would say a couple hours pre appointment because it only cleans out part of the colon and so if you do it too early the stool that was previously formed will 'move down lower' into the sigmoid colon and then they won't be able to get a clear view.

Make sure you stop eating earlier though. My instructions say stop eating at 8PM the night before for a morning appointment and midnight the night before for an afternoon appointment.