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Enema tips needed. (pun not originally intended)

Hi guys.

I am starting a mesalamine enema. There were no detailed instructions. I mean there should be drawings! Im think I'm doing it wrong. I cannot get a third of the bottle in before it starts seeping out, even when I wait many seconds before re-trying. Also I get nervous about releasing pressure while the tip is still in place.

Any other helpful hints would be appreciated.
Sorry I can't help but I hope it works for you - once you have figured out how to put the stuff in and keep it in.
I think you have to hand upside down like a bat for 12 hours.
Try different positions. Lying on left side, on back with knees to chest or on hands and knees with arms on floor in front,head down ( that was a bad description, sorry) If you have to, insert half, remov slightly (not entirely out) then reinsert. I would reccomend staying in a lying down position for a bit before getting up and doing something or going to bed. Lying near a toliet can provide reassurance on what if you need to go, as can put paper towel under you. Good luck!