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Enemas for Flex Sig


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I have a flex sig tomorrow morning, and I was told to take two enemas in the AM. Do I take them back to back or take one then wait an hour or two and take the second?

My appointment is at 10:30am, and I'll need to be on the road by 9:45am. So, I was thinking about taking the second one around 9:30am to be sure I am emptied out.



I was only given one enema for my sig. I would perhaps do the first one as soon as you get up and then maybe the second one at about 9ish. I am just thinking if you wait until 9:30 you are only giving yourself 15mins of toilet time before getting in the car.... Hope it goes ok and keep us updated
I only had one too and they gave it to me shortly before I went in. I would probably take the second one about half an hour after the first.


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Thanks, guys! I have had a few flex sigs before, but each time it was in conjunction with another test and needed to do full bowel prep. This is the first time I am just doing a flex sig on its own, so I wasn't sure of the prep process. If I phoned my GI, I would never hear back in time; she's not great with the follow up. Thank goodness for you guys!