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Ensure for Grabs in Hertfordshire UK??

Hey guys,

A long shot I know, but I have ended up with about 20 odd bottles of Ensure in flavours I absolutely hate, blackcurrant, raspberry etc...

I was just bagging it up to throw out when I thought hang on.... I do actually know loads of people with Crohn's... some of whom might need it AND live close enough to come and get it, and afterall it's expensive....

So.... if you think it's worth a trip... I am near the Watford Junction of the M1.... PM me and I perhaps we can arrange something!

I'm only gonna keep it a few days - pred induced mania means that if it isn't dealt with I may implode....

(And maybe I get to meet a Crohnie!)

Lishyloo x


ele mental leprechaun
Hey Lishyloo,

Hope you managed to get rid of the ensure one way or another!!

Think will stick to my elemental thanks LOL
hi Lishyloo.. aw that's really thoughtful of you, and if i lived near your end of the country i would take you up on the offer - my mum has just started using Ensure as she's really poorly right now, and while waiting for the prescription, i've been buying it at nearly 4 pounds per small bottle!!

but, i'm miles and miles away from you :(

maybe you could phone your local social services and see if they can make use of it anywhere?
Dunno what it's like over there but u could courier/freight it out?
Jus deposit the money she needs too do postage an bobs ya uncle
That's so sweet Lishy - if I was within a 30 minute drive I'd pick it up just to meet you ;) But...there appears to be an ocean in our way...soooo...I'll leave it for the next person.
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