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Lynda Lynda

I need to know the pros and cons of drinking Ensure?
Do you recommend drinking it or not drinking it ?
Your experiences with Ensure ?

my little penguin

Staff member
As sole nutrition such as een or as a supplement?
My child (adult ) drinks 2-3 carnation instant breakfast shakes a day as a supplement
He has drank neocate jr /peptamen jr and boost at various times over the past 12 years
Sometimes as een other times as supplemental nutrition
Ensure is fine if you like the taste
It’s all about preference
I drink boost as an adult without ibd just to make sure I get calcium /vitamin D


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I didn't enjoy the taste but it helped me gain weight when I was struggling to absorb nutrients from normal foods. I've only ever used it as a supplement though as when I did a full liquid diet I used modulen which tasted a little better and can be mixed with milkshake powders for flavour.

Lynda Lynda

Thanks for your input !

I got some Ensure drinks at Costco today.
Sometimes I drink the Carnation Breakfast Essentials, 8oz bottles in a pack of 6. The company made it more palletable and less thick, but it can be mixed with a bit of water or milk too.
I only drink Ensure and Carnation as a supplement.
I drink Chobani Liquid Yogurt too, but it has more additives than just buying the 5.3oz containers.

Take Care 🌻