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Enteral diet with extra intestinal symptoms

I wasn't sure if I should start at new thread for this one but anyways, I've been on my own enteral diet (maltodextrin, coconut oil, protein isolate and vitamins) for 2 weeks now. I have Crohn's colitis and am also on Imuran, which was working well for about 4 months.

I get arthritis with my flares, and unfortunately mine is now starting to manifest. It started about 2 days ago. My colon feels relatively better, but it's hard to know if if just feels better since there's not anythings of real substance going through it. Should I assume that since my arthritis is starting up that this is probably not going to work for me? I've had issues in the past where I wait too long to see if something is going to work and then end up having to be hospitalized. I'm not sure how much longer to give it, I did read the book "Beat Crohn's" and it said some can need 3 weeks to respond but most need 2.

I'm wondering if I need to just start prednisone again, and if so, would it still be beneficial for me to be on EEN, or at this point is it not worth it. I'm not sure what to do, I hate the idea of going back to steroids, but I really don't want to be hospitalized again.

Anyone have experience with extra intestinal symptoms going away on EEN? If so, did it go away before or after you bowel symptoms seemed to subside?