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Entocort and Alcohol

Can you drink whilst on Entocort? Does anyone have any experience please?

There is nothing on the information leaflet that comes with the drug that states you cannot. Thanks
I have been on and off of Entocort since 2008. I was told by Dr. that drinking alcohol
with Entocort would increase the side effects of the Entocort. I drank anyway and, sure enough the Dr. was right, the alcohol did increase the side effects big time for me.
Hey, been on entocort for a year on 9mg and down to 6mg a day in February 2013. I used to drink alcohol on entocort, stayed away from beer due to bloating and hard liquor straight. Basically just drank wine, i found side effects other than the normal headaches i get from the entocort. The only thing is that i find myself normally less hydrated than i'd like to be and naturally the alcohol made it much worse. I have now completely cut alcohol out and feel much better. (This was more so to do with alcohol - crohn's interaction than alcohol - entocort). Hope this helps.