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Entocort and Blurred Vision

I have been on Entocort (9 mg./day) for a week now and I developed blurred vision. I emailed my doctor and he told me to drop my dosage to 6 mg. a day and he is starting me on 50 mg. of Imuran. I also take Lialda. I was wondering if anyone else here got blurred vision while taking Entocort? It's pretty scary.
Wow that does sound pretty scary!! I have not got blurred vision but for about two weeks I got muscle spasms in my hands and thighs. I hope the lower dosage will help you! Good luck!
Thank you for your reply Hattie95. I guess everyone has different reactions to these drugs. I am better today. I guess 3 pills was too much for my system to handle. Now if only my Crohn's symptoms don't come back, I'll be set.