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Entocort/Budesonide question. Doesn't seem like its working.

Hi everyone!

So I am going into my second month of entocort. I'm now on 6mg dose but I feel like it never helped in the first place. In fact, I feel like I have more bowel movements and pain then I have had before I started. The only difference I have seen is I feel more energized. But I feel like that is because I am putting a steroid into my body, and not because it is actually helping anything.


Has anyone else had a similar experience?
I don't know how typical this is, but I'm into the fourth week and I do feel like it's doing something. I have much better BMs and next to no pain. The symptoms I had were never all that bad, but it does seem better now, or perhaps it's just a good patch.

But I don't feel any more energised.:smile:
I also am on Budesonide, in my 4th week. I have LC and it helped initially stop the 10 times a day problem, I feel pretty good, energy wise but have had a couple of days here and there that I went back to the WD. I am beginning the 6 mg descent and am also worried that this has not completely solved the problems. I do take Dicyclomine when the urgency becomes an issue again. It helps me keep from running to the stool! I have heard that you need to reduce your fat intake which sometimes I am getting fast food and fried foods when I am in a hurry or eating beans and raw veggies which they say are a no no as well... So I am not sure if this is what is causing the backside from time to time for me. I really am afraid to completely come off it because I don't want o go back to the 3 months prior to that...it was a regular nightmare to work and run to the toilet 10 to 12 times a day people start looking at you like your crazy!