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Entocort Losing Effectiveness

Hi All,

I have been in remission on STelara for 2 years. However, I think recently I have had a flare of symptoms (urgency, frequent BMs, more liquid etc). Previously, entocort worked like magic, with almost immediate effectivness. However, now I noticed that budesonide is no longer as effective, even at high doses of 9mg per day. I have slightly improved symptoms but definitely not completely resolved symptoms that I had before on entocort. Any thoughts on this?
@newdiagnosis - just to clarify, are you on both Stelara and Budesonide at this time? Budesonide is typically given for a 3 month period - 9 mg for one month, 6 mg for one month and 3 mg for one month. If you are also on Stelara with the Budesonide, it could be that at first, the Stelara still was effective but not enough so the Budesonide was helping, but now it seems that Stelara isn't doing the trick anymore and Budesonide can't help with the inflammation on its own. Sounds like a change in medication(s) is required. Do you have an appt with your GI?
I was previously just on stelara, no budesonide. Now I added back budesonide due to the apparent flare. Previously I was on on q4 stelara and then I tried spacing it out to q6/7.

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Crohns typically progresses .
In kids it progresses during the first 10 years from dx abd the type changes as well
Uceris foam worked well for ds
Stopped his rectal flare and he has been fine since
Glad the generic is working
In my opinon, yes. For battling a Crohn's flare I believe the more information you have the better.
I noticed that even though most of my symptoms have gotten better, i still have some gas and bowel sounds. Previously when the entocort worked wonders I noticed that all my symptoms went away. Do the bowel sounds and gas mean that it is still active. BMs are mostly formed and 2 to 3 per day. No pain, no significant urgency. I just found that previously the gas and bowel sounds mean that it is probably active?
I don't know whether bowel sounds mean anything. In my case bowel sounds do not seem to be connected with a flare. For me they just happen at random. But of course your mileage may vary.
Thanks. The uceris is helping, but I feel like previously when I have active bowel sounds and gas that is a sign of active disease. It's weird but the BMs have become less frequent and mostly formed ( a little soft). Maybe adding some oral prednisone to uceris would help?