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Entocort & pain meds

I have just started Entocort today 9mg per day. I have been experiencing the symptoms of a flare for approx 5-6 weeks maybe longer and during this period sometimes take 50mg of tramadol if the pain gets too much to bare. I'm talking 1 x 50mg tablet once or twice a week MAX.

Does anyone have any experience of mixing tramadol and Entocort? Any bad experiences? Is it safe to do so?


hey luke,
I start taking it tomorrow lol. I don't have much advice to offer, but I am also on oxycodone and will be taking that, so I feel like since tramadol is a weaker pain med it shouldn't be a problem?
Good luck.

My first day on Entocort was unremarkable really. I felt possibly a little more tired than usual in the afternoon and evening and I am not sure if I felt a little more hungry than usual or whether I was imagining it. Time will tell I'm sure.

All the best
you to.

What do you suffer from? I haven't noticed any relief of my symptoms yet and on day 2, but I've read that is a bit early to expect Entocort to work!
thanks ! :)
I have crohn's disease, this will be my 7th year in october. I heard it takes a bit to kick in? hmmm
I have been taking Entocort for almost a year now and it seems to work. Ir suppresses the flares but you still get some pain. I have tried four times to come off it but without success. If the pain is bad I take either cocodomal or paracetamol.

9 mg Entocort
Levothyroxine sodiium 125mg
Arimidex 1mg
Pentasa 4mg
Adcal D3 x2

Infliximab 400 g every 8 weeks.

Diag sept 2010 aged 69
Luke entocort is a steroids tramadol is a painkiller so no probs taking them both together. 1 tab tramadol is very low. Entocort should be reduced over 3 months and if it doesn't work then perhaps pred would be better it seems your crohns is in the terminal ileum. That's where mine is also. Entocort works well in this area good luck with it and take your painkiller as required.
Sorry I am jsut reponding now guys.

Karajan - thanks for the response. Yes my crohns is in the ileum.

Hey acoop, I am doing ok, no real side effects to report except from i am pretty tired a lot of the time, unusually tired. I have been takin entocort 2 weeks and 2 days now and over the last 2 to 3 days I think I have seen a reduction in my pain however still getting a lot of D. Seeing my GI next monday to discuss the results of recent MRI and colonoscopy. So hopefully he can tell me if its a flare of complications of recent surgery.

How are you feeling acoop?
After a year on Entocort I have now been transferred to pred. See how that works. I may have produced an antibody to the mouse protein in infliximab.