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Entocort taper - Not going well

Hey guys

Just reaching out today cause I'm feeling lousy and because this is all still new to me and scary.

I've been on Entocort (actually gen. budesonide) since October - did two months at 9mg then a slow taper of 6mg for a month then 3 mg and now I'm off completely as of this week.
All of a sudden my stomach hurts like hell and now I have nausea and heartburn too. ?

I'm hoping maybe it's just the weaning off and things will settle down? Just a few weeks ago when I was down to 3mg. Budesonide I felt great! My head felt WAY better being on lower doses of steroids and my stomach seemed fine. But now...ugh.

Anyone have any helpful/hopeful experience with this or words of wisdom? I'm feeling awfully discouraged.



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First of all, I wanted to mention that I am originally from Crystal Lake if you know where that is.
I would call your GI tomorrow, you may need to go back on the entocort. A lot of times with Prednisone and entocort people start to feel crappy once they get down to lower doses or finish tapering.
Hey Afidz - thanks for the reply.

I do know Crystal Lake! Not far from here at all.
I am planning on calling the Doc first thing tomorrow and seeing what she suggests. I hate go back on the roids, but this doesn't seem good either. Don't want to do more damage...


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Talk to get about other options, maybe you need top try something else. Steroids are meant to control a flare until the other drugs kick in,.so it may be that the budesonide isn't effectivefor you.