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Entocort without Calcium tablets?


I have been on budesonide/entocort for about 6 months. I was also prescribed calcium tablets to take with entocort.

Honestly I have been negligent taking the calcium tablets- I have barely took any.

Now I am having a bad flare up and I'm getting serious bad pains in my spine/back. I am worried that I may have osteoporosis as a result of budesonide and lack of calcium.

Does anyone know the chance of getting osteoporosis due to entocort?

Any response is appreciated.
With me I took Entocort for 3 months and wasn't prescribed calcium. I've now been on prednisone for two months and was prescribed calcium. I think in general Entocort is safer but you might as well start taking the calcium pills if you have them!
I just got off Budesonide after a solid year of use. 2 months ago or so I was finally allowed a bone density scan which showed that I have osteopenia, which is halfway to osteoporosis I believe. I have recently developed some back pain too but I can't logically place the blame on anything yet.

Then I started calcium supplements and forced myself off the Budesonide. I don't know if it's a good idea though, what's worse, increasing the disease inflammation or bone loss? Doc says the bone loss could be from either the meds or the crohns itself. If you need the steroid to function like I did, you should probably take it. I'm much better these days so I can handle it for now but I still have some and will start another cycle if I have a few bad days in a row. I'm taking no chances.

Take your calcium and request a bone density scan, at the very least to get a baseline (I tried early but was denied, which might have shown early bone loss or that I was already compromised).

If you cannot wean off the steroid without flaring and pain, stick with it, it's better than the alternative. Increase other calcium sources as well, milk etc. Good luck.
I was not told to take calcium with Entocort. I wouldn't think osteoporosis would develop that quickly unless you were already at high risk. I would talk to the Dr asap.
I've been taking 9mg daily for about 7 yrs. I had bone density test 6 mo ago and I am fine.
Having said that, I really work hard at eating well, exercising including weight bearing exercises and lifting weights about 3x/week. I am a 46 y/o female. I have also been on prednisone in the past, and have history of one bowel resection.
I also took Entocort for two years. And prior to that was on high dose of prednisone for 6 months. I had had a baseline bone density scan 5years prior and then one last spring. I had a 20% decrease in bone density in the 5 years between scans. This decrease has put me in the osteopenia levels. Initially I wasn't told to take calcium on the Pred and then I was with the Entocort. However, I didn't know that it was best to take the daily dose in two separate doses during the day. And also because i was iron anemic I was taking iron. Come to find out that iron and calcium counteract one another if taken too close together. Vitamin D also helps the uptake of calcium.

So, definitely take the calcium along with vitD and establish a baseline bone density if you can.
As justanothercp said: diet and load bearing exercise is a big help to bone density.

Best of luck Nomis1234