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Entyvio and bruising?

Just wondering if anyone has experience of minor injuries whilst on entyvio. I fell over yesterday while gardening, didn’t think that much of it, scraped my hand and scratched my leg. The leg has come up in a massive dark purple bruise and the hand scrape is still stinging and burning a day later. Feels like a big physical reaction to small incident. Wondering if linked to Crohn’s or entyvio and if so any advice?
I am on Entyvio but didn't notice any bruising that is more than normal. I do some extreme sports and do bump into things, but nothing like you described.
Delta_hippo - my son is the one with Crohn's but I personally run into things and get big bruises not realizing that I bumped into something. The bruises seem bigger than my little run-in. It's probably not related to the entyvio.
Thanks guys. Hand has finally scabbed over and I have the most ridiculous purple bruise on my leg but sounds like not drug related. Maybe I’m just getting old!
Hugely impressed by the extreme sports by the way, you give us all hope!
I literally came here to ask this question. Did some lifting today where the heavy object was resting on my shoulder. I have multiple red marks and it's sore to the touch. I assume it will be bruised tomorrow. This isn't normal for me, definitely will be telling my doc.