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Entyvio and Covid 19

I'm new here and this is my very first conversation/question. I have been getting Entyvio infusions for about 7 weeks now AND I deal with eight different autoimmune diseases. I am currently working with high school students as a theatre director/teacher. I know my immune system is compromised and I know that Entyvio adds to that compromise. My question is whether or not I should continue this work during the Covid outbreak. There have been no active cases in the school as far as we know. If I quit - the entire musical (which is supposed to be performed in one month) will stop. I feel as if it's dangerous to be doing this, but also feel a real obligation to all those students. What would you do? What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? xo Barb


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New York, USA
Our school postponed the play that supposed to run this coming weekend, and cancelled all after school activities until further notice.
Not knowing what state you are in, you should look to the school for guidance - if they are cancelling events etc, I would go along with that. The big picture needs to be looked at - yes, kids will be disappointed, but the play can be done at a later date - if someone ends up getting sick, now the number of people exposed increases greatly.....