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Entyvio and leakage

I have had one infusion on Monday, it is Wednesday. I slept all Monday and have been queasy. Tuesday was miserable and the headache and queasiness were terrible. I called my doctor crying, I get migraines but no medicine helped, I felt brain fog, depression and joint pain. I can't eat. Today woke up and went to work, the nausea, still there. I worked all day, goingin and out of feeling blah, but today the leakage started. I can't really feel it. I have been drinking lots of water and noticed it every time I pee. This is absolutely humiliating. I wanted to quit, but I promised my kids I wouldn't. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and went in remission. At that time I quit all medicine and ate healthy and worked out. Well, bad choice because ow I'm pretty severe. What do people do with the leakage issue?