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Entyvio and limitations - please help!

hello, I'm jonathan

I am starting to take Entyvio tomorrow for the first time and i would like to know how does it go with things such as tattoos, smoking and drinking.

Thanks so much !!
I'm having my 4th infusion on Nov 9. I haven't developed any tattoos, :ylol: I smoke a pack a day, and on restricted alcohol due to flagyl script that ends next week...I will be indulging in a bottle of wine next weekend.
The only real thing I would see is tattoos. You are more prone to serious infections so make sure you go to a place that is super clean and watch afterward for signs of infection. Smoking/drinking arnt good for IBD in general but entyvio won't make it any worse. Meaning if you smoke/drink now and it doesn't arggrave symptoms entyvio is not contraindicated.