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Entyvio and unable to sleep

I started my infusions last Friday. It went very well. So far I have not had any of the other side effects that have been mentioned. NO fatigue actually the opposite lots of energy and not being able to go to sleep. I am getting power naps at night. My bowel movements have decreased to about 4 a day for the past couple of days unlike the 10-15 a day before. No pain. It seems to be working just don't want to jinx it.

Has anyone had the problem of not really being able to get a full nights sleep while on Entyvio?
Just started Entyvio, but still taking Prednisone, thus that might be an issue. Very difficult to fall asleep and stay that way.

I would suggest seeing if other drugs you are taking, if any, are reacting to cause insomnia. I take zopiclone ans setraline for sleeping but they have not been effective as normal.