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Entyvio Blood Test

I have been on Entyvio for fourteen weeks and want to know how well the infusions are working. I don't have the normal symptoms of a Crohn's patient. I just end up in the emergency room with a partial blockage so it is hard for me to tell if it is working since my emergency room visits are years apart.
Has anyone had blood drawn and tested to see if Entyvio is working?
Normally they would find out if it is working through blood test - CRP, a stool sample - Faecal calprotectin and I believe they can also test for the level of the Vedolizumab in your blood stream.
Thanks. I will check it out. Do you know if entyvio is working for you? I am assuming you have had one of the tests mentioned. What is faecal calprotectin and CRP?
I had my 4th infusions yesterday and it seems to be doing the job.

CRP is a general marker of inflammation and fecal calprotrectin is a measure of inflammation in the bowel - its normally very accurate and will tell you if you have active inflammation.
What has improved for you? For me I am having more regular bowel movements but that is all. I am still dealing with fatigue.
I haven’t been on Entyvio, yet. But, I’ve had Crohn’s for over 10 years, and my CRP, Sed. Rate, and calprotectin tests over the years have all been normal. Some patients show inflammation in these tests and some do not. My last capsule endoscopy showed inflammation, ulcers, and strictures in the small intestine, and this was just after having the other lab work. I’m currently considering Entyvio. Hope everyone keeps posting and providing updates as to it’s effectiveness.
Best wishes to all.



Just following on with this and wondering if you had seen any changes in blood work?

I'm on my 2nd loading dose and my blood work is back with low Lymphocytes (result 0.8, down from 1.6 on previous result) and low Monocytes (result 0.1, down from 0.3 on previous result).

Wondering if this is related or not?

Thanks! :)
The infusions work really well. I didn't have blood drawn, and I wasn't even tested to see if Entyvio works, but I did some Phlebotomy Classes, and I know it works, so you don't have to worry. About 25% of people choose online phlebotomy training, and I decided to do it too because this medical knowledge will help me a lot in life. He will do a blood test, and you will easily find out if it works, but normally it practically always works.
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