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Entyvio + TNFα combination therapy

Anyone on Entyvio plus TNF blocker?
We are running out of options for me. I had surgery in August and my MRE shows 2 new mildly diseased segments already! Very alarming. Fecal cal is 272. I’ve done most every drug, and started Entyvio in August 2 weeks after surgery. Not responding to it by itself so far. Going to try to add Remicade back to the mix. A little risky but so is under treated Crohn’s.

my little penguin

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Ave you tried Stelara?
It seems to do better for crohns of the small intestine while entyvio mainly is effective for the large intestine
Ds has been on Stelara for over two years at 90 mg every 4 weeks

my little penguin

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Only thing I can think of for refractory crohns

Case studies
Ivig (immunoglobulin infusions )

diet combined woth mieds
Exclusive enteral nutrition
Crohns exclusive diet
Scd /paleo

Ds is currently on two biologics
One for crohns (Stelara) and one for another disease

trying to wean back to one biologic currently
Good luck