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Hey guys its been a while since i have posted but have recently been on the downhill slope, have been taking Humira 40mgx2monthly and it at first it worked fantastic, felt great and experienced no symptom. The beginning of this year started ok but some symptoms started to creep back in and my doc decided it was likely another flare and put me on uceris which was great as well. Then things got worse again as many of us experience and now after doing another colonoscopy a few weeks ago it appears my ascending colon was so swollen and inflamed my doc couldnt even get the scope in at that point. so anyhow he has decided to put me on a new biologic called entyvio and im still waiting to hear from him regarding my insurance approving it. Has anyone here used that therepy as well? i guess i have the dubious honor of becoming my docs first patient to to be prescribed it lol so we will see how things go. just want to hear from anyone else who may have used it.
I have had 3 ENTYVIO Treatments (4th on October 7th).
this medication is a dream! I have tried it all. I was in the hospital for a total of 60 days in 2013 with major flares of my UC. I did Stem Cells as well as all types of TNF's. 6-MP etc. The only thing that put me in remission was 60mg of Prednisone.

47 Male
Diagnosed with UC in 2010
Stem Cells
ENTYVIO...100% in remission
thats outstanding! i just got my appointment for this coming monday so i really hope it works as well for me as it has for you
ADC... after your third are you every 8 weeks? My son had his third on the 17th. I had heard two different things. 8 and 6 weeks. They called GI from infusion and they said to do it at 8.
Sorry for the tardy response Brian'sMom my wife and I were visiting our youngest daughter at college for parents weekend. As of now I am at 8 weeks.
My GI doctor told me that she will go 6 weeks if I start flaring.
I hope you son is having great results!