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Hello everyone,
My name is Donna and I was diagnosed with Crohns May 1989. At 32 yrs. of age I will be 60 next month. I have been on EVERY Crohn's med there is literally from pills to Biologics. I am Starting Entyvio next week.
After my recent flare and hospital stay. Like many of us I have numerous other health issues most due to 10 years on prednisone, malnutrition, dehydration. Spinal Stenosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and the list goes on... I have had numerous surgeries 4 rectal fistula, 1 Colon resection, 1 sm. intestinal resection/ cecum removal.
I was on Humira for almost 10yrs. came off of it April 2016 due to side effects, skin lesions and sores that would not heal. From April- Dec. I slowly and steadily went downhill (on no meds.) I bottomed out at 85 lbs. from 115 lbs.
Colonoscopy came out fine but then found active Crohn's in my sm. intestine I was in hospital for 5 days and have been home for 2 weeks on NG tube nutrient feedings. I'm slowly eating and gaining weight now 99 lbs.
I am Blessed to have a GREAT support system in my family & friends and my faith in the Lord. My GI well let's just say he is a gift from heaven He has taken care of me for 17 yrs. now and brought me through some very close calls. If you are in the Kansas City Metro area and need a GREAT GI let me know.
MY QUESTION :I am Starting Entyvio next week. Is to anyone out there who is currently or has been on Entyvio and your experiences with it?
We are all different and react differently I am curious about others experiences with it.
I am also here to help with my experiences with Crohn's and medications feel free to ask. Thanks in advance :)
Welcome. There is a section in here called Treatment and underneath that there is a subsection called Entyvio. God bless you.